sT vs sT Best of 3 Mini Tournament



Someone has to do it. I have created a website http://aoctraining.net

I will be updating this site, and hopefully I can connect with some top experts.

Many people come to me for Training, so this will be the site where Trainers can be found.

[sT] 2scared_ is online often, and can teach. Nothing is free, so expect to pay a small fee.


[sT] vs [NHN] Low Level Clan War

posted on AoCZone.net

Make sure to be there on Sunday, February 12 @ 15 GMT.

Google 15 GMT to see the time.

[sT] Arabia Tournament Coming to an End

For all of those who know, There has been a small Tournament going on the past few weeks.

Yes, there will be a small prize.

Check Brackets here, and finish your games ! http://challonge.com/st_arabia

Also, check out our sT Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sTAOE/

[sT] Juampi_ is in charge of making sure members are active. Any members who have not been active for about 2 and half months will be switched over to “Dead or Gone”.