The Mighty CS division of [sT]

There has been a slight change.

[sT] Khan_X is founder of this division. Talk to Khan_X about his ‘sT’ website he is working on.

This is an Expert CS Division played mostly in the CS Lobby on Voobly.

Check them out !

+Father_X Joined joined forces, and also does excellent gaming banners.

May ‘sT’ shine the light, and dominate all Voobly! and … Bash all.

WHY ARE WE [sT] ??

I talk with [sT] Bart..

He says, why let 1400xx players into clan? ?

I said, “Good Question”. Many have asked this question who are Higher level players.

Can Good players, and Noob players be in the same clan? Maybe not in the past. 

For Scenario (CS) Players, There is a limit of 1700+. But for RM, I see 1400, and 1500 players who have many games. They play every day, and can play fairly good.

If a player has potential to be a good player, ( Like Me ), then I think he is worthy to be an [sT].

We have many members, so expert can play with expert, and Noob can play with Noob.

being a noob myself, I came to Voobly to play a fun game, and to meet good frieinds.

We are not TyRanT clan, but we are a good, fun clan.